I guess I had forgotten about the key answer that I needed


Dallas, Texas

I am going to repeat this sentence again and again that I, for no reasons at all, had acted bizarrely and went to visit two guys whom I had only ever watched on Youtube.

It had been ten years since their last appearance on the screen, but I somehow knew where they were living at that moment, strangely.

Upon arriving there, I found the door unlocked and the inside of the apartment dark. There were no people but only envelopes of past test papers and certificates of scholarship merits on the table. With the light coming through the opened front door, I figured out that those papers were Singapore’s A level past papers and they had got the key answers with them too.

And like a creepy stalker (I did know where they lived after all), I took all those papers with me and left. I suppose, I still couldn’t get the previous hellish Singapore’s UEEs out of my head.

After exiting the apartment, I searched through the papers and found that I didn’t have the key answers for Humanities past paper (yup) so I decided to visit the apartment again to ask the tenants about it on another day. Like the fact that I had barged into their apartment was nothing! Yeah!

That other day when I visited them again, they wondered why I had come to look for them, yet they didn’t look perturbed knowing that I had stolen their papers from their apartment at all – and for knowing where they lived

but we became friends despite the odds. Because this was my dream.

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School’s Rooftop ~ Finding Solitude and High-School-Rooftop-Romance Scene

This is often used in modern-day urban settings because it allows for a panoramic view of the character and the skyline without having to travel out of town — which explains why it seldom appears in non-urban settings.2j2x8vr It also happens often in Medical Dramas, for the simple reason that the rooftop is usually the most quiet place in a hospital… unless it’s near the helicopter pad.Often used in Japanese media.

The standard Japanese high school design includes an accessible roof, which is seldom locked in any serious way. Access to the roof is almost always explicitly forbidden, but that doesn’t seem to stop anyone. Students and faculty will often find their way up to the roof for private lunches, heart-to-hearts, romantic goings-on, secret supernatural battles, or suicide. It has a chain-link fence to keep people from jumping off, except of course for all the people that do.

Read more: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SittingOnTheRoof#ixzz3f5LxkM7h

I’m pretty sure that y’all folks know how rooftop works in both anime or dramas. Like how it becomes place to escape the hectic reality, a place to hang out, to create that pinkish windy sparkly romantic scene.


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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter


the vanishing of Ethan Carter

the vanishing of Ethan Carter


“This game is a narrative experience that does not hold your hand.”

We are Paul Prospero(?), a private detective with SUPERR paranormal abilities. Presumably, on one fine day, we had received an intriguing fan letter from a boy named Ethan Carter who kinda knew something about supernatural stuffs too. And that one letter led to all these cray cray explorations to Red Creek Family, where Ethan and family were. Oh right, Ethan was actually missing. Continue reading

I just want to sleep.. –

One tiring day. One hectic routine. One lonely rest.

But it’s fine. I have my headphones and my music playlist ready to make the rest of today fine.

Twitter Anonymous, 2014

I turned off my phone as I was about to go to sleep. Not caring the pinging notifications from the device that suddenly died out as the screen turned black.

I then walked to my bed, past the heaps of work I need to get done. I couldn’t care about that now.

And sat on my bed, eyes wandering off to the ceiling before they landed on my bedside where the lamp

and my pencil were on.

I stared at both objects helplessly and reached out my hand, hovering it on the pencil for a moment, desperately wanting to go back to my desk to work again, before finally struggling to pull itself away from the invisible attraction force of the pencil to turn on the CD player on the floor.

Forcing my butt to raise itself above the bed for a while to bend my body was literally a pain in the arse, as my butt was sore from sitting too long just now and I had just got the very perfect sitting position on the bed – just perfect to make my mind blank and me just sitting like that, staring blankly at things around me unproductively.

But I know that I shouldn’t spend my sleeping hours like that.

As my pointer successfully pressed the power button, I could hear the CD wheezing inside this brilliant invention and my favourite melody being played.

‘Another day has passed..’

One sigh.

‘It was fine..’

Another sigh.

‘And tomorrow will be another fine day.’

One long breath.

‘So, let’s rest…’

One long exhale.


Head on the pillow.

Sound of something shuffling.

*rustle rustle*

Good night world 🙂


A/N: I’m an OWLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. This is so fucking random. I want to bury myself in a hole.

(me and singing)

My mind went blank and my feet just brought me to an empty side of the road. It was Sunday and it’s a car-free day so I knew that there would be no cars there. Meanwhile, the other 4 people that walked behind me kept dragging themselves to the spot I was observing at the moment without any complaints. I was pretty sure that they already knew my antics to be able to silently comply to my selfish needs.

So there was no need for questioning as they helped me prepare all the stuffs – guitars, a cajon, an amplifier, and many other music-related stuffs that we brought.

Oh you can guess? Of course.

This was the day when I finally could vent out all these feelings and frustrations about everything. Everyone.

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It’s Dark (終焉ノ栞 Bookmark of Demise Review)

Shuuen no Shiori or Bookmark of Demise tells us about 4 high-school students who shared the same interest in extreme rumours, especially stuffs like urban legends and occult-like things.

And there was this one rumour from 10 years ago, circulating about a book and a bookmark in it which was known as the “Bookmark of Demise”.

A dark rumour about a “fun game of demise” in which due to a traitor, the “fox”, it begun. And if you wish to escape from it, you have to follow the conditions and seek the end. Ha! ‘Till then, everyone dies.

—Now, the beginning of a fun Demise Game begins.

・To reach the end of the game, the “fox” must be killed.
・If the “fox” cannot be found, everyone else will die.
・While searching for the “fox”, Kokkuri-san’s demands must be met.
・Kokkuri-san’s demands will be sent via letter.
・You will be given one week to fulfill Kokkuri-san’s demands.
・If the demands are ignored, you will die.
・If the demands are shown to someone outside of the game, that person will die.
・Until the end of the game is reached, you absolutely cannot escape.

-credit: meta‘s translation on the prologue of Shuuen no Shiori’s novel

So, who is the traitor? What will the conclusion of this dark twisted story be? Can you solve this mystery?

And.. is it another predictable story?

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I Search the Words to Replace “Goodbye”

On one morning, I let myself get plunged into another deep slumber after opening my eyes for a minute, immediately sending me off to the dreamland once again.

As said, I once again made my enchanted appearance in a new random situation that was as strange as how dream works

I, all of a sudden, found myself on my way to your house with some people whom I couldn’t remember. We reached there pretty quickly thanks to the scene-skip I always experience in my dreams.

We had got lost in it at first, since your house is as grand as a castle. And when we were looking for you, your parents seated themselves on the sofa in the living room, looking unperturbed with us barging in and searching in the rooms of their house. We went to look for you in your room and that karaoke room where we usually did our school projects together (only when we were on the same team) but we couldn’t find you.

So we went back home.

But on my way home, you suddenly texted to my brother’s iPad which I didn’t recall ever holding. You told me that you were a killer. You told me that you were guilty. You told me that everything would end. You told me,


And you didn’t reply to my text anymore afterwards.

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