The Vanishing of Ethan Carter


the vanishing of Ethan Carter

the vanishing of Ethan Carter


“This game is a narrative experience that does not hold your hand.”

We are Paul Prospero(?), a private detective with SUPERR paranormal abilities. Presumably, on one fine day, we had received an intriguing fan letter from a boy named Ethan Carter who kinda knew something about supernatural stuffs too. And that one letter led to all these cray cray explorations to Red Creek Family, where Ethan and family were. Oh right, Ethan was actually missing. Continue reading


It’s Dark (終焉ノ栞 Bookmark of Demise Review)

Shuuen no Shiori or Bookmark of Demise tells us about 4 high-school students who shared the same interest in extreme rumours, especially stuffs like urban legends and occult-like things.

And there was this one rumour from 10 years ago, circulating about a book and a bookmark in it which was known as the “Bookmark of Demise”.

A dark rumour about a “fun game of demise” in which due to a traitor, the “fox”, it begun. And if you wish to escape from it, you have to follow the conditions and seek the end. Ha! ‘Till then, everyone dies.

—Now, the beginning of a fun Demise Game begins.

・To reach the end of the game, the “fox” must be killed.
・If the “fox” cannot be found, everyone else will die.
・While searching for the “fox”, Kokkuri-san’s demands must be met.
・Kokkuri-san’s demands will be sent via letter.
・You will be given one week to fulfill Kokkuri-san’s demands.
・If the demands are ignored, you will die.
・If the demands are shown to someone outside of the game, that person will die.
・Until the end of the game is reached, you absolutely cannot escape.

-credit: meta‘s translation on the prologue of Shuuen no Shiori’s novel

So, who is the traitor? What will the conclusion of this dark twisted story be? Can you solve this mystery?

And.. is it another predictable story?

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