can’t seem to decipher the meaning of all the things that have been happening to me so I rewrite it with a twist of my brain juices splattered on a paragraph or two..

or a long crappy story that I posted on this.. thing.


Dream a lot of things but can never reach them due to some ‘circumstances’, but will still hold them close and wait for a chance.

Interested in so many things so if you have some good stuffs to tell, feel free to drop by and tell me πŸ™‚


English is not my first language but I like writing so here I amΒ (uyea). Stories are rightfully mine, unless it’s a fan fiction. If it is, the base story is owned by their respectful authors/artists. (I’ll definitely put a disclaimer on fanfiction that I wrote xD)

Reviews are pretty biased (WELL I’M NOT SORRY loljk), so please don’t take it too seriously πŸ˜€ . Our opinions may differ after all, but don’t hold back any opinions you have.


story ● music ● games ● animanga ● rabbit ● dessert ● mystery ● vocaloid/utau/utaite ● otome ● japan ● penguin ● winter

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