why? how? why? but I guess I don’t need to know


source: popperpengoo-blog

In a very short slumber I experienced before my sister abruptly woke me up, you showed up again in my subconsciousness. I found myself being kind of entranced, not fully digesting my sister’s words about something that somewhat felt so important to me. All the while I also tried to block what she said off my ears in order for me to be able to relieve these misty visions, which I know are unreal.

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I lost myself and stopped on my tracks.

Taking a few steps forward to the magazine board, I decided that I would just look at some stuffs here first before I went to the library for my next errand.

Yeah.. I guess..

I could hear the booming voice of my tutor, congratulating him on something I didn’t catch. Right, I’m browsing these flyers.. performance.. announcement.. hmmm..

And I also heard his laughing voice, as he was stuttering a little bit in an attempt to reply to the compliment, wait no.. I have to see.. if there are some important news.. or something interesting here…

But I couldn’t dismiss the joy emanating from his voice.

“Bye!” and that one last word took me by surprise. I froze on the stairs, I knew I had to take off quickly but I couldn’t.

Alright, as normal as possible..

I turned away from the board and continued climbing up the stairs until..


..I was caught.

My head pivoted towards the direction of his voice, and I tried my best to put up a surprised look.

“Oh hi! What a coincidence, eh?” I exclaimed.

In hope I was wearing my best smile.