a story to justify myself pigging out

“Hey! Are you putting on some weight? You look fatter, dude!”


That’s the word plastered to Gillian Hay at school. And that, just now, was Dorian Blake goofing around as usual.

“Whatever.” Gillian replied, smiling a little. Not a single look of hurt was shown on her face that was actually flawless, save for her chubby cheeks. Her posture was also alright and she was quite tall. Her dark short bob hair looked silky and soft. But the only thing that made people around her hesitate was the flabby arm that was now holding her jumbo-sized chocolate crepes.

She was not ostracised, but people always said that it was unfortunate that she was fat. Many of her classmates had actually tried to help her lose that weight through series of regimes, diet and whatnot. Yet, it never worked.


“Are you feeding the monster inside your gut again? I thought you already had that when we first arrived here.” Dorian joked, using reference of Gillian’s words that she always used to counter people’s comments on her pigging out on food.


Which was absolutely true.

But people wouldn’t understand.

So in reply, she just looked at him impassively..

.. before taking another bite of her crepes.

“Stop bothering her, Blake.” a beautiful girl at her age suddenly appeared, pushing Dorian away. All eyes suddenly fell on her model-like figure. It was Jane Willy, the school princess, literally. Her parents were the founder of the famous corporation in the town or something and they actually owned this very school building, Illion High School.

Gillian didn’t pay any heed to all the havoc about her being fat and all. Her being fat could only mean that the entity inside her is healthy. And that’s all she ever needed. Because she relied on this thing inside her, because it was her power. This crepe was also good, no one would ever want to refuse this delicacy sent from heaven; she certainly wouldn’t.


It was finally that time of the year when Illion High held a school festival that included Gillian’s most favourite event – food bazaar, where she got to taste new food, new dish, new culinary. And savouring all those wonderful taste was always a pleasure to her taste buds, a very exciting journey to her own zen to say the least.

And getting involved with Jane and the gang would just get in her way to the nirvana. She liked Jane ­– she was fun and loud in a good way that could lighten up the mood. But she was too self-centered for everyone’s good. And she couldn’t wait for another lightyear for her street photoshoot to end. Don’t even mention how bad she was at deciding things, Gillian might have to wait for the end of universe before the outgoing girl finally made up her mind on what to eat.

Loaded with amunition (money), Gillian evaded the group of her photographer friends who were waiting for Jane to stop moving like crazy, before confidently walking from one stall to another, her stomach making a sound as her mouth gobbled down all the food. People around her looked at her in amazement as she finished all the food she had had with her in a lightning speed.

“It’s always amazing to me that you could finish them in a blink of an eye.” Dorian approached her with his usual remarks. Strapped on him was his electric guitar. Even though he was such a goofball, he was pretty charismatic and well-known for his band performance. All the girls at school were pretty much down on their knees in front of him, well except the very girl he was now talking to. And that fact alone had crushed his Babel Tower of a pride.

At first, he had approached Gillian to seek some information about her, but the more he knew about her the more he wanted to get closer to this chubby girl. It was weird to him, feeling attracted to a girl like her. He agreed with everyone about how beautiful she might have been if she had lost her weight. Somehow, he had the image of her being thin and having long hair.. and also looking so pretty that way.

“Ah.. look at that chocolate cream smeared on her lips. I want to clean that for her.. but it would probably make the situation awkward.. hmm.. what should I do?”

If it was about Gillian, Dorian was so helpless. No one would even believe him if he told them how he felt towards her. But there was something about her, something he had witnessed one day that made him feel this way. Strangely, he couldn’t recall it. As if that flashback was locked in his chamber of memories.


The keyboardist on the stage started playing his groove, and all the bystanders roared in excitement. The euphoria pumped everyone with adrenaline and they all jumped to the rhythm of tonight’s gig.

But it was not the case for Kara – he suddenly felt uneasy as he sensed unwanted presence somewhere near the stage. And the tingling sensation he felt left an intense stomachache on his host. Yup, Gillian was scrunching her face as she held her belly.



This sight didn’t escape Dorian as he was now bombarding the groaning girl in front of him with questions if she was okay.

“G-Go! Urgh.. leave this place quickly!” she managed to interrupt him. Although the statement left him dumbfounded, her glaring look startled him and he started shouting for people to evacuate even though he had no clear idea on what was actually happening.

She would want to say that she was perfectly fine but now was not the time.


Especially not when strange howling cries followed by an eerie laugh were heard from the backstage.

That roar and weird laugh not only caused a commotion among the people there but also elicited a more painful sting on Gillian’s belly that she was now crouching with one of her hand supporting her body. The uproar had left everyone busy running for their lives and with a little bit strength she had in her, Gillian moved herself away from the bazaar tents and to an open field.

Staggering to get herself up, she then stretched her right hand.

“Answer to my call, Kara!” she shouted, invisible bandages making their appearances and unwrapping themselves from her right arm followed by a strong gust of wind that blew the dust on the ground in a manner that hid her figure in the field.

“GILLIAN!” Dorian screamed, witnessing the whole scene. Using his arm to cover his eyes from the dust, he tried not to lose sight of the girl who was now being engulfed by the clouds of dust. Bits of memories returning as a girl at Gillian’s height walking from the dust mess, humongous red bug-like creature following behind.

Now he finally remembered. That supposedly-short black tresses that suddenly grew to her back, that glowing red eyes he had seen when she interrupted him, that leather jacket and black shorts, the red creature walking behind her…

“Cut me some slack, will you? I’m having my own mother-nature stomach cramps as well.”

..and the same voice.

“You think I could care less about that!? There is an emergency!” the red creature, Kara, replied. His red fleshy branch-like hand fixing the position of his crown. His saliva oozing as he spoke. He then proceeded to wring his limbs, feeling the freedom of being outside.

“This feels good!!!” he exclaimed, roaring to show his delight.

“Stop dilly-dallying. We have a job to do.” his host spoke, flogging the bandages that had transformed into a black whip. There were also flexible long twigs that woven into an armour covering her entire right arm that was holding the whip. Carved onto the armour were intricate designs of tree emblems, describing the affinity of her power.

Heaving a sigh, she breathed the barren field she was on into life. Such healing skills and serene facial appearance contrasted to her wild and ferocious personality but she held everyone’s respect as she had the charm of Cosmos and tamed the beast from Chaos’ Underworld. Although she still had a lot to go, if she were to be compared with her superiors, her potential was acknowledged that she went with the title-

“Ya ya I got it, Ms. Vice General Isabel. Can’t see anyone being happy, geez. You know that I’m not usually this loud.” her summon, Kara, replied, returning to his composed monstrous expression he usually wore.

With that they dashed to the source of the roar, Gillian or now Isabel riding on the back of Kara.


The sound of the creature screeching seemed to die out as they arrived at the backstage. Even too silent for Isabel’s liking. The undamaged door to the backstage also seemed too okay to be true.

Unless it was not a door.

“Watch out!” Kara pushed Isabel away from it before the said door started trashing around and a head popping out from the wooden structure. Isabel landed with a thud but she thought it might be a lot better than getting bitten by the dark creature in front of her. Kara shielded her from the rampaging creature, maintaining a good distance from it to think of a strategy.

Tresholder huh.. which means..”

Possessor..” Isabel replied, completing the puzzle pieces to the mysteriously undamaged surroundings around them just now. She smirked at the thought. It had been a long time she last had fun like this. Excitement coursing through her body and she gripped her whip tighter, lashing it in front of the Tresholder as well as gaining her summon’s attention. Ha! There was no need for a strategy.

“You go sense if there is another Possessor. I’m going to have fun here..” as if a switch was being pressed, a maniacal smile made its way to her face. Kara shaking his head at his owner’s words. He knew all too well the expression she was having now. Up to this day, people still couldn’t believe that the calm-looking girl had another personality within her. Moreover, it was a complete opposite her usual rational self. Many of his summon friends always point out that such unstable master like her could be troublesome and even dangerous.

Whatever. As if he could care about what other people said.

His acknowledgement to her strength and the power of her will was the reason why this contract had happened in the first place. And with that in mind, he closed his eyes and started to emit a firey aura around him, making all the props in the backstage levitated in response.

While Kara was at it, Isabel was provoking the Tresholder by lashing her whip here and there. When its head started to follow her direction, she flogged one more time before wrapping the whip around its neck, sending a burning sensation to the creature with her power. When the attack overkilled it, she uttered a chant and the twigs on her amour grew to the end of the whip, restoring the dark heart encaged inside the creature before it dissipated into a thin dark puff of air. Be it Pureblood or dark creatures born from people’s evil deeds, it was the perks of the power of Cosmos that she could help restoring it. The restorative action also made the door left undamaged, to save her from the cleaning team’s lecture.

After the Tresholder was defeated, the levitating props suddenly flew to Isabel’s direction. Unfazed at this, Isabel caught the flying objects accurately and returned them onto the ground with ease using her whip while Kara used this chance to reveal another Possessor and caged it in his inferno. Before he set it into explosion, Isabel created a barrier around her red summon and restored the Possessor‘s heart. The explosion though, left a burnt mark on the ceramic tiles where the Heartless had just been and she could only sigh at the thought of not being able to escape from the enraged cleaning’s team if they saw what Kara had done.


“It’s weird..” Kara suddenly spoke, surprising Isabel. But that was not the only thing that surprised her when it was suddenly getting louder outside the backstage.

“I thought I had sensed an Emblem before the uproar.”

As if on a cue, a loud sinister laugh was heard from outside followed by the sound of people screaming. The laugh left an uncanny feeling to her spine and she knew she shouldn’t be excited about it but she couldn’t help it.

“How could this happen?!” Isabel inquired as they dashed outside to the possible location of the missing Emblem. Did it have something to do with the surroundings getting louder all of sudden.  Had it been muted the moment they stepped into the backstage room?

“Tch! The Possessor! They must have concealed the voice outside the room or some sort, muted it as if on a remote.” Kara answered, using all his logic to understand the whole situation.

“Then were they the one who concealed this Emblem too? Can they do such things?”

“I don’t know! I never knew that they could pull off such tricks.”

“Whatever. We could answer that later..”


.. after we finished this job.”


Disclaimer: I don’t own Kingdom Hearts, nor its keyblades and heartlesses.

A/N: I’m stuck. This was like from a month ago. And I had been contemplating on how to continue but decided to just give it up for now and post this thing soon.

Yea. It is like what the title is; a story to justify myself pigging out. Apparently, I have a monster in my gut so you have to understand if I want to have a second serving of ramen.

And this story is somewhat become something for me to express my pet peeves; like how I don’t like people making me following me the whole day pointlessly. It happened to me once during a small event in the town, and a friend of mine who is like Jane making me loitering around for hours just to decide her food. But I hated myself even more for having followed her in the first place. Why did I follow her? I don’t even understand that question either.

I’ll try my best to continue this crap. I promise.



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