It rained hard on that day. I was standing in that place drenched and looking at his body hanging in front of me. His face was pale white and blood flowing from his slaughtered abdomen had long dried. In a situation like this, I would normally have retched all over the crime scene, feeling all nauseous unlike common homicide detectives.

But there was much more important things that suppressed the queasiness inside my throat.

He.. was not..


..the culprit


I took another look at the body in front of me. The wretched smell pricked my nose and gave me a throbbing headache. Trying to hold back my tears, I thouroughly looked for clues from his corpse that was messily butchered by whoever the mastermind to all of these murder. My eyes glanced at his exposed intestines that were crowded by flies which were somehow fearless of the harsh downpour on that day.


A big gash..

Repeated stab marks, probably from a kitchen knife..

A gunshot on the chest.


Ugh! This has nothing to connect with the previous murder too!

Besides, if he were not the culprit, then who?

How am I supposed to find the killer!? How am I supposed to find the bastard who killed him!? THERE’S NO CLUE ANYMO-






It came again, the feeling as if I was being pricked by thousand needles on the chest. And..


Now everything was clear. All the evidence and clues from the previous cases. And what he said on that night, and finally, the body in front of me.

But why?


“You..” my lips were trembling but I prepared myself to hear the worst. For the first time in forever, I hoped I got my assumptions wrong.

“You killed him..” this time I turned around, looking at the person behind me, the person who came with me to this place. The man who led me to this place.


And there he was standing. Drenched like me. His gaze told me a lot of things but I couldn’t understand them. However, the white mask he was holding in front of his face answered everything.


This time, I couldn’t hold back my tears and I felt them rolling down from my eyes onto my cheeks as he was wearing the white mask, feeling the warmth they left on their trails that the rain droplets didn’t have.

We only stayed quiet for a long time, the sound of the rain and me stifling a cry were the only thing that could be heard. Our eyes on each other was our way of conveying what was on our mind.


My legs shook and I didn’t know why. Either because I started to shiver under the rain or

because he was walking towards me.


A/N: This is really old. It was hidden in a dusty folder in my external hard disk and I found it when I was organising my files. It felt weird, reading this after so long. Like I used to spend a day in a week to write stuffs but now I really can’t.

Anyway, I posted it here the way it has always been. Not edited at all. HAHA! Therefore it might look like a hormonal teenage’s writing lol. (I think I’m still a hormonal teenage after all these years LOL)


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