our secret base

Bodies huddling together, fire crackling.

In a small clearing, unexplored by most of the townpeople.


Far behind the town cathedral, through thick shrubs and bushes, six people sat around a campfire. This was their secret base, a place invisible to other people – a place only for their existence. Five guys and one girl, their bodies huddling together for warmth.


That night in the cathedral, everyone had to be beautiful and presentable. So the girls were clad in luxurious dresses and trinkets, their hair adorned in elegant hairstyles, faces powdered with substances that made their cheeks glow, lips painted with attractive shades of red. Meanwhile the guys wore their best tailored-suits, expensive watches on their wrists and their best shoes shining in all their glory.

And she didn’t understand any of those. She had expected that everyone was to be themselves but the yearbook photoshoot session had suddenly become a charade, a beauty paegant, a contest.

“How am I supposed to recognise them in the photos if they are not looking like themselves?” she grimly thought, smiling sarcastically at the thoughts before realising the irony and hypocrisy behind them – she also came looking like them as well.

The two agonising hour had finally ended, and everyone returned as fast as they came. It was annoyingly hilarious as they were never this efficient when it was about school stuff – she desperately wanted to voice her thoughts out loud but it made her feel like a bad guy having the thought of the minority.


Her tired sigh was the cue for them to make their appearance. Dressed in black suits, their good-looking features made all the girls turn their heads and drool. Both men and women kept looking at their way as they approached the slouching girl in white. Without further ado, two of the five men just held her hands and took off, to the place where they believed, they should have been at since hours ago.

The town cathedral was renovated a year ago and Ritzia had thought that they would not have their secret base anymore after the reconstruction. But, that thought hadn’t even crossed the mind of the guys,

“This place is invisible to others. This place is ours only.”

And it was really there, just like how it had been before the renovation, how it had always been at those nights when they were together to eat away the loneliness surrounding each of them. Trees around them still stood stall even though their numbers did decrease, taller shrubs and bushes were still there to hide their secret clearing from people who walked past the woods – their secret base was still there.


And they sat around in circle like how they used to do it. Arthur, the blonde one, didn’t follow suit and lit the firewoods the guys had prepared beforehand. When they were lit and the fire illuminated the clearing, James took out the guitar that he brought with him and strummed his favourite song.

The melody was serene and Ritzia couldn’t help but smile at the situation she was in right now – a complete opposite from the bubbling anger inside the pit of her stomach she had had two hours ago.

Mac, the one with glasses, caught her ghost smile and took her hand, hoisting her up before bowing to her politely.

“Would you care for a dance?” he asked, a shy smile spreading on his chiselled face.

She nodded in reply, and there they danced, following James’ guitar play under the stars that slowly appeared – one by one, the distant entities glowed. And for a moment, Ritzia felt like she was in the right place, with the right people, and her white ivory dress became appropriate than ever as it flowed along gracefully with her movements.


The other guys watched the two dancing with a knowing smile, glad that she was being herself again. As the dance came to an end, each of them took turns in dancing and in playing the guitar. The melody made a lot of turns, from ballad tunes to cheery strumming, and they danced to it all.

Until the night really came and the moon showed itself above their heads, did they stop. The sound of the fire crackling and the wind rustling through the leaves on the trees became the only noise that they heard. The silence among them that blanketed the murmurs of the night creatures though, was a comfortable one. And they didn’t dare to break it as they came closer to each other, resting their heads together on the bark of the biggest tree in the clearing with their hearts aligned.

Glen, who sat next to her, took her shoes off and massaged her sore feet, being careful when it came to the scar above her heels. Grey, his spitting image who also sat next to her took her head carefully and resting it on his shoulder, stroking her hair to lull her to sleep.


When she lightly snored, Glen retreated to the spot next to her and held her hands, others following suit and held the hands next to them. With the fire crackling in the background in a small clearing behind a cathedral,

they helped her escape from the reality.


Disclaimer: the photo belongs to its respectful owner

A/N: This really sounds like a ranting of mine, and somehow I hate it. I don’t like being in the minority but I can’t help but think like the minority, you know – either that or the society wants me to learn like that yet I don’t want to be like that. Sometimes, I confuse myself by not knowing what the thing that I actually want.

A little bit about myself. I don’t like wearing dresses, it’s constricting to me. But it’s not like I don’t like wearing pretty clothes. Like how I might depict through this post, I like wearing them but only for appropriate occasions. And I had a hard time understanding the need of a glamourous theme for our yearbook.

I suppose, after reading this comment, you might think I’m such a stuck-up kid (lol). But I guess it wasn’t so bad at all, and thanks to it I got something to write about (yeay).


Anyway, if I wrote about Ritzia and those 5 guys (James, Arthur, Mac, Glen and Grey), it would probably about me getting a visit from my guardian angels.

And sorry for the depressing posts (I guess), I wanted to write something cheery but the thought of my graduation ceremony always came haunting me.






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