he showed up in my dream once again

Last night, he showed up in my dream.

With a much shorter and cropped hairstyle, but still, the same smile and those several centimetres of height difference from that of mine. His skin was the same white snow colour and his brown orbs still sparkled like his favourite Orion.


Like how strange dreams could ever be, I found myself walking to a studio or movie set that occasionally faded into an airport lobby — cameras, lighting equipments, cables and scurrying staffs in black. I recognised this place as somewhere I had ever visited during my previous series of dreams that I couldn’t ever recollect.

I don’t know what kind of garments this wondrous thing about sleeping had made me wear into but I caught glimpse of yellow and I remembered being so uncomfortable in it— probably something that was revealing or a cloth-piece I have never worn in my real life.

I also remembered carrying something heavy which was my grey school backpack with an unfamiliar book inside. But for some unknown reasons, I had inferred that book as something that Dad had asked me to buy, and somehow I had reminded myself in that dream that I hadn’t paid for that book yet.

But this time, I knew the reason to this enchanted appearance which was to see some of my friends on this movie set — were they shooting a picture? I don’t know, I never understand why it had turned out like that but I remember a feeling of excitement bubbling up inside me.

But it seemed that they had expected someone else to come because when I did, they were only like, “Oh, it’s you again” and flashbacks on the previous dream came rushing to me so blurredly that I still couldn’t remember what I had dreamt in this place.


Suddenly, I found myself thirsty so I went to order something at a drink, or sort of, as the background vividly changed into that of an airport lobby.

That was when I sensed a strange feeling on my neck — a tingling sensation down my spine that somehow relaxed me.

And that was when I saw him again. Those aforementioned features and a charm which has never come out from him since long time ago.

He walked towards the line in front of the drink booth, approaching me who was still surprised. He cut to the chase and asked me what I wanted to drink, deep cheery voice reverberating my eardrums as he was speaking.  I remembered replying that I didn’t need him to treat me but it ended up with him winning the little argument, and me shutting up sulkily.

It felt annoying when he suddenly showed up and didn’t bother to exchange pleasantries with me but I almost forgot that this had only been my dream. I almost forget that he is still gone.

So the dream proceeded with me leaving the parlor for a while to take care of my things that I left in an open locker that was in the lobby. But I only found a receipt that showed how someone had, somehow, paid for Dad’s book. I suspected him but before I could confront him about it, I woke up.


And the fleeting memories of him in the dream disappeared.


Disclaimer: I don’t own the picture.

A/N: This was supposed to be published right before the exam week but since I figured that it still needed many editings, I decided to wait for an agonising month until I was done with my exam which is today!!!! But it is unexpectedly short, AKGGHHH!!! There were actually afterwords to this dream that I scribbled into my notebook of muses, but I decided not to add them here since they were by-products of my menstruation period.

And to be honest, a week before, HE DID SHOW UP ONCE AGAIN! I only heard the rumours of him returning to this place until suddenly he showed up in my messenger with all his cheery personality that never changes. Well, I didn’t ask him how long his break would be so he is probably not here anymore. Meh, I didn’t care in the first place, anyway.

The conversation with him made me happy but I guess, it was just a feeling of someone catching up with her long lost friend who didn’t keep contact with her for ages. Yup. I don’t care if we were not able to meet face-to-face. Yup. I’m ugly so what to see anyway.




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