I guess I had forgotten about the key answer that I needed


Dallas, Texas

I am going to repeat this sentence again and again that I, for no reasons at all, had acted bizarrely and went to visit two guys whom I had only ever watched on Youtube.

It had been ten years since their last appearance on the screen, but I somehow knew where they were living at that moment, strangely.

Upon arriving there, I found the door unlocked and the inside of the apartment dark. There were no people but only envelopes of past test papers and certificates of scholarship merits on the table. With the light coming through the opened front door, I figured out that those papers were Singapore’s A level past papers and they had got the key answers with them too.

And like a creepy stalker (I did know where they lived after all), I took all those papers with me and left. I suppose, I still couldn’t get the previous hellish Singapore’s UEEs out of my head.

After exiting the apartment, I searched through the papers and found that I didn’t have the key answers for Humanities past paper (yup) so I decided to visit the apartment again to ask the tenants about it on another day. Like the fact that I had barged into their apartment was nothing! Yeah!

That other day when I visited them again, they wondered why I had come to look for them, yet they didn’t look perturbed knowing that I had stolen their papers from their apartment at all – and for knowing where they lived

but we became friends despite the odds. Because this was my dream.

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