School’s Rooftop ~ Finding Solitude and High-School-Rooftop-Romance Scene

This is often used in modern-day urban settings because it allows for a panoramic view of the character and the skyline without having to travel out of town — which explains why it seldom appears in non-urban settings.2j2x8vr It also happens often in Medical Dramas, for the simple reason that the rooftop is usually the most quiet place in a hospital… unless it’s near the helicopter pad.Often used in Japanese media.

The standard Japanese high school design includes an accessible roof, which is seldom locked in any serious way. Access to the roof is almost always explicitly forbidden, but that doesn’t seem to stop anyone. Students and faculty will often find their way up to the roof for private lunches, heart-to-hearts, romantic goings-on, secret supernatural battles, or suicide. It has a chain-link fence to keep people from jumping off, except of course for all the people that do.

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I’m pretty sure that y’all folks know how rooftop works in both anime or dramas. Like how it becomes place to escape the hectic reality, a place to hang out, to create that pinkish windy sparkly romantic scene.


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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter


the vanishing of Ethan Carter

the vanishing of Ethan Carter


“This game is a narrative experience that does not hold your hand.”

We are Paul Prospero(?), a private detective with SUPERR paranormal abilities. Presumably, on one fine day, we had received an intriguing fan letter from a boy named Ethan Carter who kinda knew something about supernatural stuffs too. And that one letter led to all these cray cray explorations to Red Creek Family, where Ethan and family were. Oh right, Ethan was actually missing. Continue reading