(me and singing)

My mind went blank and my feet just brought me to an empty side of the road. It was Sunday and it’s a car-free day so I knew that there would be no cars there. Meanwhile, the other 4 people that walked behind me kept dragging themselves to the spot I was observing at the moment without any complaints. I was pretty sure that they already knew my antics to be able to silently comply to my selfish needs.

So there was no need for questioning as they helped me prepare all the stuffs – guitars, a cajon, an amplifier, and many other music-related stuffs that we brought.

Oh you can guess? Of course.

This was the day when I finally could vent out all these feelings and frustrations about everything. Everyone.

My mind started racing as I plugged my silver microphone into the amplifier. Whispers were fleeting away as soon as on-lookers had surrounded us.

Fu*k you people.

Just fu*k you..

I took out my phone that had already been set to airplane mode and smirked.

No notifications

When all preparations were all done, I went to stand in front of the mic stand.

Placing my ol’ reliable silver mic.

Mic shrieking.

People watching.

Sweats rolling.

Drums ready.

Guitar ready.

Yea.. Here I go!


A/N: When I feel so fed up at things or people, I always sing. But I don’t like singing in front of people, so karaoke-ing when no one’s home is one of my favourite things to do. Bottling all those emotions and venting all the pent-up frustrations later with the speakers blaring loudly and my hoarse manly voice singing to the melody.

Even though it’s like that, sometimes in my head I always imagined myself singing in front of many people, seeing them cheering for me, rocking their heads up and down to the beat. But I don’t like crowds anyway.. lewl I’m so weird lewl..

This was on my head once, and was a long-time-ago draft. So this fucked-up person (me) decided to butcher what’s left. This could be a writing prompt for later, perhaps HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *anyway my grammar is so crappish how am I going to survive ielts etc*


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