It’s Dark (終焉ノ栞 Bookmark of Demise Review)

Shuuen no Shiori or Bookmark of Demise tells us about 4 high-school students who shared the same interest in extreme rumours, especially stuffs like urban legends and occult-like things.

And there was this one rumour from 10 years ago, circulating about a book and a bookmark in it which was known as the “Bookmark of Demise”.

A dark rumour about a “fun game of demise” in which due to a traitor, the “fox”, it begun. And if you wish to escape from it, you have to follow the conditions and seek the end. Ha! ‘Till then, everyone dies.

—Now, the beginning of a fun Demise Game begins.

・To reach the end of the game, the “fox” must be killed.
・If the “fox” cannot be found, everyone else will die.
・While searching for the “fox”, Kokkuri-san’s demands must be met.
・Kokkuri-san’s demands will be sent via letter.
・You will be given one week to fulfill Kokkuri-san’s demands.
・If the demands are ignored, you will die.
・If the demands are shown to someone outside of the game, that person will die.
・Until the end of the game is reached, you absolutely cannot escape.

-credit: meta‘s translation on the prologue of Shuuen no Shiori’s novel

So, who is the traitor? What will the conclusion of this dark twisted story be? Can you solve this mystery?

And.. is it another predictable story?


*find out about the Kokkuri thingy by yourself or just read the manga (I think it’s pretty clear what it is in the manga) because it’s scary, and I don’t want to google and find more scarier things about it just to link it for you. no No nO NOOO!*

I watched the videos. I know the songs. Well, I didn’t really get the songs’ meaning at first. But after I keep listening to them and do my research (hoho of course while avoiding spoilers), I conclude that Shuuen no Shiori Project is something that must be really good.

And I downloaded the manga, saving it for my field trip in October (it took about 7 hours to reach the place so I downloaded bunch of mangas for some reading materials while I was on the bus – but I ended up finishing my friend’s Bungaku Shoujo novel he brought with him ohohoho~)

But stupid me out of all the possible spare time I had during my school break, I chose to read the first 7 chapters last night by myself in my room when all my parents were already sleeping. Well, there’s my brothers too but- gosh NO ONE TOLD ME THAT IT WAS SO NERVE-WRECKING!

yeah.. I never asked anyone or read its reviews. I’m that kind of person who doesn’t like to get a heads-up from another person. So, all I know about Shuuen no Shiori is that the characters’ names are weird. Like really new to me; A-ya, B-ko, C-ta, and D-ne.

The reason of the naming is later implied in the manga by the translation group (that is if you read the translated version, well I never get the raw ones so pfftt but you might understand it if you’re Japanese, I suppose). I mean that I’m pretty sure if you read the story, you’ll get the theme and the reason why they do this and that, like for instance the character’s names
Okay, let’s continue!

These 4, as I said, like occult stuff and they started to gather together in a music room of an abandoned building which was still in their school’s vicinity after fated encounters that brought them together. This building was abandoned because 10 years ago there was an unexplainable murder. And A-ya, someone whom I could totally relate to (minus his hobby to spout false stories to entertain himself – well I do want to do that,tbh but gosh I have to admit that I’m a people pleaser AH I SAID IT!), found a book which turned out to be an exchange diary of those who had died.


sorry.. it’s just dark stuffs like those got more easily absorbed into my head than chemistry lessons.

and the story continued with the gang trying to find the book by following what written in the diary. Hahahahaha what happened next? You know what, you’ll get the thrill if you read it by yourself. Trust me.


So, quite late at night (around 11 p.m.), out of boredom, I scrolled through my manga collections and stumbled upon this Shuuen no Shiori, still unread, and since I got nothing to do, I started to read it.

I had read the first 5 pages (the first four are introductions so it wasn’t much lol) and I don’t know why I had stopped there.

Well, until last night when I got the hang of the story that I’ve realised that it’s impossible to get the picture of the whole ordeal without reading everything (well, for me :3 I don’t know you, dude) so I have to add that this review is not complete as the curtain hasn’t closed on these 4.. haha not yet.. just not yet (well, baka updates said it’s still ongoing bahahaha). This story has so much to tell fufufufu.

As recommended by the shuuen-scanlation group, you had better listen to the songs (only ep 1-4 first) on youtube beforehand to get some introduction, at least. After listening to the songs, you’ll probably get the idea of the urban legends that are going to be on the story like the “lonely hide-and-seek”, doppelganger, and some others which I, at first, also found new (especially that mysterious TV broadcast – you really need to find out about it before reading the manga or else you’ll be dumbfounded in the midst of the fear, I guess, unless you’re into those kind of occult stuffs and already know about it :p, or you get it intuitively)

*I regret finding out about all of them, all of these urban legends stick to my head like those sticky price labels*

But the story was interesting and original. Yep. This is why I love vocaloid producers – they’re genius :3 The idea of using urban legends and relating each of them to each of the characters, who have different unique personalities, was creative, and each chapters were very detailed with everyone’s point of view. So, don’t stop reading if you get friggin confused with what’s going on when reading the first few chapters, because everything will fall into place after you’ve read more. And it’s true that you definitely get more by reading the manga or novel (or both) than just listening to the songs.

I’m never good with horrors, but all of my experiences with horror stories or movies would put me into endless anxiety as if there was something behind me. But this time it was different.

Reading Shuuen no Shiori put me on the edge. It made my heart beating fast, I definitely could feel my blood circulating like F1 racers throughout my body (haha not really). I couldn’t sleep and was constantly awake from 12 a.m. for hours until I finally fell asleep due to the sleepiness, but I kept finding myself waking up in the middle of my sleep. There was this one time when I was awakened from another dreamless sleep but I couldn’t go back to the dreamland afterwards. It’s like that one panel with A-ya doing the same thing. I could feel the fear in me, of something unseen, something unknown. I don’t know why, but all I could do was hugging myself in my blanket, closing my eyes tightly and telling myself to just sleep in a chant.


Another thing about Shuuen no Shiori is that the real-life problems conveyed in the story are real. You don’t know people. You don’t know what they feel inside. What they think towards the world, towards themselves and towards you. And it’s scary that how one could come up with such horrible thoughts but it’s not like you could close your eyes and cover your ears, pretending that they were not rea- pfft

I really can’t talk about serious things lol.

But you don’t need to be super paranoid. Being super paranoid is not good anyway. It’s just, you cannot pretend that it’s not there and you don’t have any business with it.

We have our own “fun demise game” after all.

In this world. With much more players.



ISn’t It gOing to bE fuNnnnnnnnnnnnn–

Anyway all the songs from Shuuen no Shiori Project are cool! You have to listen to them!

P.S: Our opinions may differ! And I realised that this doesn’t feel like a review, hmmm..


AND I’M SO GONNA BUY SHUUEN NO SHIORI. I’ll just have to wait them to appear on the bookstore. *desperately wanting to get her hands on the raw version*


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