Umbrella ☂

“I want to take back what I said. I hate rain.” mumbled a black-haired girl. Her black eyes that were as dark as that night’s sky was looking sternly at the crowding rain clouds above that hid the twinkling stars. Her knuckles which turned white from holding the grey umbrella too hard proved how she hated the weather on that day.

‘Gosh this event is ruined by the rain.’ she thought to herself.

After feeling satisfied from staring sharply at the falling rain that wetted the whole field of Nineteen Plaza which was supposed to be the venue for the city’s annual Halloween festival, she turned to her back, finding a tall boy at her age who was standing not far from where she was. Both of his hands were folded in front of his chest and his eyes were looking at the field which was quite empty since everyone went to avoid the rain under the tents available there. But a few seconds later, he looked at the girl whose eyes were fixated on him and they stared at each other for a moment. Until he first broke the gaze and looked at the other direction while trying to dry his wet hair that was unprotected from the rain with his hand.

Seeing how he was struggling to redo his wet hair, the girl then decided to hold her umbrella in front of him and lifted it up for a bit so that his taller form was protected from the rain that slowly went drizzling. After realising that there were no more rain droplets that had attacked him just now, he looked up.

And his eyes went back to see hers again while she smiled warmly to him.

He didn’t say a thing but his hand suddenly snatched the grey umbrella from her and held it above both of them.

“I’ll take this away as a hostage, kay?” the boy joked before he really ran away to the middle of the field, taking the girl’s umbrella away.

“Wow. You haven’t even got my permission..” the girl said to herself while slightly shaking herself and started to chase him under the rain.

‘I want to take my words back again…

I love rain..’

A/N: This really happened actually. Only I didn’t remember whether I actually replied to his joke or not. Or what happened after he returned my umbrella. I have strict parents so I didn’t really play under the rain. If I’m not mistaken, I let him take my umbrella away. And I actually chased him lightly at a much drier place on that field. I guess.

I don’t really understand myself. So I didn’t really know why I wanted to bring this up again. The first paragraph and the second paragraph (I guess) were taken from one of my wips which I also based from the real event. But yeah I made shits happened in the middle so I could write about a boy who was totally my bf material and kinda.. you know.. better than that effing umbrella-stealer from the story above.

So that I could really let him go.

Because somehow, when I thought that I had let him go, I keep finding myself that I’m not ready yet. I am not even sure that I’ve let him go (lol)

He has broken up with his first gf actually.. (2 months after going out, I guess.. actually, they were cute together tbh and both of them are also precious people in my life to me) and I think that’s what makes it not that hurt to let go but that hurt to fall in love again. Because I DON’T WANNA GET THE SAME ENDING!

Geez, but I’ve realised that I have actually played the same route only this time I successfully restrained myself very well from fangirling over him on some occasions. But God, it turns out that it still hurts to see both of them chatting by themselves and laughing today.

I’m glad tho that they’re not hostile towards each other again. You don’t know that it was so scary to be with both of them at the same time after their break-up. It felt like I was on the middle of a colosseum with two gladiators who were fighting each other but I don’t think that they were mad at each other at that time. I kinda felt that they were closing their hearts.. yeah.. no one wanted to feel the same pain again. If you could avoid it, why not?

Hahahaha hear that.. If you could avoid it, why not?


This song is really nice for those who are jealous but the point is that they want the best for their precious ones(what?)

The song does say something like.. “I’m a devil for wishing that the guy you like has someone else he likes..” tho~ but in the end, there’s something like.. “If it’s me, I’ll make you smile everyday.”

Gosh, I have crappy Japanese (gomen nasai). i’m just interpreting the song, by the way. SO DON’T JUDGE!! wwwww

P.S: I’m still contemplating whether I want to reveal the venue’s real name or not. Bah~


Do you want to go back to that day? -Yes


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