That Summer Melody and You

It was one of my usual summer nights, with me escaping from the manor for some fresh air to the hill overlooking the river. It had always been nice being up there by myself. With the wind blowing gently, the smell of the fresh summer green grass, and the calming burble of the river. The shade provided by big ol’ “Maman” – the big tree that stood tall on the hill, when it was stiflingly hot during the day and the clear view of the twinkling stars along with their constellations at nighttime, also made this hill my favourite spot to visit to whenever I felt tired of the world.

But it was somehow different that one night.

The supposed secret hill of my mine had somebody else there one day.

When I reached there I could see her standing with the night breeze playing her black hair in her dark clothing that accentuated the night colour of her hair even more. Her fair hand that’s contrast to what she wore made contact with the bark of Maman, feeling the rough texture to its very details.

Then our eyes met.

I could see her got surprised for a moment before returning to her solemn expression once more and broke the gaze. She then walked to my usual sitting spot under Maman, plopping on the ground below and looked above,

at the old tree’s falling leaves,

her hands opening in front of her,

fingers catching the falling leaves.

I hadn’t realised how long I had stared her until she turned back a little and caught me surprise when she tilted her head to the side, probably wondering why I had been staring at her like a creep. Feeling so embarrassed, I tried to cough it off and compose myself, before walking to not far from where she was sitting and took a seat there.

While I was walking there, I could see her taking out her earphones that were connected to her phone and scrolling down to something on her phone (which I assumed was a song she probably wanted to listen). And as I took my seat, she was putting her earphones on.

And closed her eyes.

I tried not to look at her. I really did. But the way she looked as if she was in pure bliss made me lose my composure and turned myself into, once again, a creep who couldn’t take his eyes away from an angelic maiden who was only three feet next to him.

Okay that’s exaggerating.

And I actually didn’t know her at all.

Pfft.. angelic maiden.. silly me and my sometimes-out-of-control-poetic self.

Well. At least, I know that she sounded angelic.

Yeah.. she was humming. Probably to what she was listening to.

She only hummed for a while and that’s why she opened her eyes when she was done and turned to look at me who was looking at her. The most possible thing that she might have thought at that moment might be how creepy I was for staring at her again.

But what surprised me was that she smiled and took off her earphones, before unplugging them from her phone.

And a beautiful melody resonating at the silence of the night.

I couldn’t find the perfect words to explain how harmonic it sounds. But that song is really captivating, especially when the lady next to me humming together with it.

The words I spoke then was what that changed my world. And boy how grateful I am now to have spoken to her that night, and also to even stumble upon her. I’m really grateful.

…to be continued. . . .

A/N: Uwaaa.. I just wrote random stuffs on a whim and this appeared. Sorry for any mistakes on the grammar and stuff – English is not my first language :3

I’m planning to continue this into a series. I don’t know but I think I’m going to enjoy this one.

sorry for the stupid-sounding title. I haven’t come up with anything good :3


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