I Search the Words to Replace “Goodbye”

On one morning, I let myself get plunged into another deep slumber after opening my eyes for a minute, immediately sending me off to the dreamland once again.

As said, I once again made my enchanted appearance in a new random situation that was as strange as how dream works

I, all of a sudden, found myself on my way to your house with some people whom I couldn’t remember. We reached there pretty quickly thanks to the scene-skip I always experience in my dreams.

We had got lost in it at first, since your house is as grand as a castle. And when we were looking for you, your parents seated themselves on the sofa in the living room, looking unperturbed with us barging in and searching in the rooms of their house. We went to look for you in your room and that karaoke room where we usually did our school projects together (only when we were on the same team) but we couldn’t find you.

So we went back home.

But on my way home, you suddenly texted to my brother’s iPad which I didn’t recall ever holding. You told me that you were a killer. You told me that you were guilty. You told me that everything would end. You told me,


And you didn’t reply to my text anymore afterwards.

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Umbrella ☂

“I want to take back what I said. I hate rain.” mumbled a black-haired girl. Her black eyes that were as dark as that night’s sky was looking sternly at the crowding rain clouds above that hid the twinkling stars. Her knuckles which turned white from holding the grey umbrella too hard proved how she hated the weather on that day.

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That Summer Melody and You

It was one of my usual summer nights, with me escaping from the manor for some fresh air to the hill overlooking the river. It had always been nice being up there by myself. With the wind blowing gently, the smell of the fresh summer green grass, and the calming burble of the river. The shade provided by big ol’ “Maman” – the big tree that stood tall on the hill, when it was stiflingly hot during the day and the clear view of the twinkling stars along with their constellations at nighttime, also made this hill my favourite spot to visit to whenever I felt tired of the world.

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