I’ve Been Having These Weird Thoughts

“Have you seen Sasha anywhere?” he asked, sweats drenching his white shirt, eyes gleaming with worry.

“No..” the girl answered, still surprised to see him panting like this and to hear that question coming out from him.

He then ran to a different direction from the one he came from, not bothering to say anything to the girl whom he had just asked to. The girl was still dumbfounded, but she couldn’t call out to his name. So she just looked at him leaving in hurry. Realisation hit her pretty late but she knew that it was alright not to bother with it anymore.

“I drove her home once.. we talked a lot at that time..” a boy reminisced while a smile growing on his fair face. His conversation partner mimicked his curve of smile, only wider than his with her mouth opening slightly.

“Wow..” she replied but she couldn’t do it enthusiastically like how she did usually. This matter was not a simple thing that could be cheered at easily. Since the guy in front of her now was Kris Johnstone, a crush of her long time ago.

‘Long time ago..’ which means that it was not like that anymore when this conversation was happening. She still felt a pang of jealousy though it was not as hurt as it had been long time ago, but wouldn’t you when someone you liked had got a crush on someone he just met but he didn’t have any special feelings towards you, who had spent more than 5 years with him.

But it was no wonder that someone like Kris would fall in love immediately to Sasha Fayla. If she was a guy, she would definitely ask a girl like Sasha out. Long straight dark hair. Big black hues. Sweet warm smiles. Rosy cheeks. Small petite figure. Graceful gestures. No one could ever resist her charm, even Kris.

The thing is, Rhea Redfield was a girl, a plain one with black-rimmed glasses and visible freckles adorning her face, plump body and frilly browning hair.

This was one of those fangirling-Sasha-talk Rhea and Kris usually had after the said boy broke up with her first girlfriend, Claire. It was pretty ironic actually, two out of three girls a boy like Kris, with nice-looking facial features and athletic postures (even though he was not that muscular), had ever laid his eyes on were his cousins and family traditions could simply forbid him from the being in those relationships. The other one? It was Claire. She was wonderful at one glance but she turned out to be so clingy when they started to be in a relationship.

And Rhea was the lucky girl whom Kris came to talk to during his down moments. For Rhea, a guy like Kris deserved to be happy. And when a girl like Sasha had, one day, moved into their school, she did hope to get both of them together but Kris found out later that the beautiful girl was also his cousin. So, not wanting the same thing happened to Evaline (also his cousin) because of his childishness, he was determined to move on as quickly as possible.

‘Oh, if only he would have realised..’  Rhea sometimes told herself that. But the thought was dismissed quickly because she no longer wanted to have expectations on something that was definitely unachievable. Not that she didn’t want to believe in herself. It was just she felt that God really did want her to stop expecting on these things and just believe in Him and wait. One of the proof she had experienced was that of Wilbur Ownstein, her stepping stones when all the grounds below her crumbled. A friendly straightforward prankster. Who had sat in front of her during the last year of her secondary school years.

Whom she came to have feelings for, one year after the news of Kris and Claire dating was announced.

She thought that Wilbur was the one but things wouldn’t go on Rhea’s way that easily. She had seen the signs he had been showing to a kind girl on the annual school’s art night.

And he confessed to that girl during a study tour Rhea, luckily, didn’t take part of.

But she supposed that it was alright that way, rather than realising it too late and embarrassing herself by confessing her deepest feelings to both of the guys.

Because surely nobody would be proud or at least happy to be confessed by a girl like her.

Except Aria, the guy Rhea rejected guiltily because it was around the time when she still had feelings towards Wilbur.

These were the reasons that make her having weird thoughts about life and it had been stressing her out so she decided to stop thinking about it and expecti-

“Rhey! Hey!” Rhea could feel someone nudging her. And that was when she came back from her dazed state.

“It’s your lines now.” Paul hit her on the head with the script, his habit to wake the girl when she is daydreaming.

“Yeah yeah.. I know.” Rhea replied harshly, still not liking this habit of Paul of getting her to concentrate. With that coming out of her mouth, she soon spoke her lines and that was when it happened.

She felt it. That feeling that came when peril was close. That feeling as if a needle piercing through her neck. Her sense suddenly took her and she ran towards the direction of the railings.

And jumped.

Her friends were taken by surprise with her sudden actions especially that one stunt she suddenly pulled off. That made her friends screamed her name so loudly that it took the attention of the students below who were still at the school grounds playing basketball.

‘Ah~ it’s nice to see those jocks and seniors looked at me with astonished expressions.’ Rhea thought to herself before realising she wasn’t supposed to do that and let the now-surging power took control of her body.

Reaching out her hand to the below, she then channeled her energy out and there it came out, a sword, looking like a key at the same time. This was the main reason why this thing was called a keyblade. The end of it looked like the biting of an ordinary key, only it was much bigger and its hilt was of a hexagonal shape with swirling pattern carving on it and goes until the end of the blade. And Rhea’s keyblade goes under the name of-

Aeolus..” the name rolled out of her tongue like a magical chanting. And at the same time, light was emanated from it, blinding everyone on the spot. When the blinding light was fading, she somersaulted in the air while slashing her keyblade in the air, or it seemed like that. But actually, she was hitting a black ominous small creatures her fellows from another dimension called ‘Heartless’.

Before she, finally, planted her feet on the ground gracefully. Her school uniform had already changed while she was in the air with the blinding light emitting from her keyblade. She still hoped that the cloth-changing magic didn’t include the part of her being nude first before changing to her magician-suit which consisted of a long-sleeved white tunic and white shorts, plus black knee-length boots. Her glasses gone and her frilly hair looked more beautifully with red highlights on the end of it.

A long inhale was taken, and the pairs of eyes who had seen her transformation became ignored.

Without further ado, she then dashed to the gate of the school where a dark ominous aura came from, to find a boy with his back facing her. But looking above her, she could see the menacing intimidating black glare from the enormous dark creature in front of her and the guy. On its hand, the creature was holding a girl whom Rhea quickly recognised as Sasha.

‘Then the guy who was now next to me was..’ she silently thought, not once looking towards his direction. Her onyx eyes were still fixated on the creature.

Noticing a new stranger, with a stronger presence and aura, the creature roared. But Rhea was not once wavered by it. Instead, she held Aeolus tighter and disappeared off in the thin air and reappearing in front of the arm of it, slashing its arm and rescued Sasha, before the darkness which once had been its hand faded away and dropped her to the ground.

The creature roared at pain, and after laying Sasha at a safe place, she went back to the monster and finished it with lightning speed by slashing it. Wind blew hardly after her attack and the Heartless’ darkness vanished into thin air. A Dark Follower could not even catch up her speed. She was definitely the General of 2nd Division of ‘Keepers’ on Earth.

“Good job Lilia, now you can leave this to us.” two shadowy figures suddenly appeared behind her.

Lilia the Swift Wind. That’s how they called them when she held her keyblade.

“Thanks. I’ll leave this mess into your hands then..” Rhea or ‘Lilia’ said, withdrawing her keyblade and making it disappeared into thin air, leaving swirling leaves on her hand before dropping her hands to her sides and walked away. As she walked past, a certain boy with an unconscious girl next to him looked at her shockingly. Instead of going straight to him and asked him about Sasha’s or his conditions, she just kept walking, feeling Kris’ stare burning at the back of her head.

Because in the end, there was no use in explaining him anyway..

He would forget this after all.

Anything about this would be wiped off from their memories along with the hearts stolen by the defeated heartless. And because it worked that way, Rhea didn’t expect anything anymore. It had happened countless times, the fighting, and her saving Kris when a Heartless was about to kill him.

If that’s so, why Lilia felt it was so hard to breathe. Didn’t she get over with that feeling long time ago?


The truth was not that easy for her to accept. Especially after knowing that Kris was going to leave the country next year. She thought it was gonna be okay but it was not right. And all these times, she still hoped that he would at least notice her screaming for his attention.

‘WHAT’S WITH ALL THESE EXPECTATIONS!?’ she screamed in her head before going home with unknown feelings clouding her mind.



“Hm? Kris?”

The next day had gone well so far. It seems that the cleaning team never missed anything since everyone’s safety was at stake if anything, supposedly, went wrong.

“Can we talk somewhere?” Kris asked her. Rhea wondered about what he wanted to talk because he looked so serious.

And there they went to the schoolyard. It was empty because no one had cleaned it anymore and it was located at the back of the school. Kris who led the way suddenly stopped after they reached a big old tree there.

“I’ve been having these weird thoughts lately….” he started, catching Rhea by surprise.


“.. like, is any of this for real or not?” Kris inquired while turning to face Rhea who was completely confused.

“I keep dreaming about you saving me. Even though you looked different but I know it was you because I recognised your voice that kept calling my name.. AH! I-I know it was silly to suddenly blurt about what I dream.” Kris continued before stammering at the end. After processing what he said, Rhea’s eyes widened a little bit making Kris more flustered.

“It felt like a dream, but when I was dazed I still could feel it. The fear that was coursing inside me when the monster came to attack me and the pain in my chest as if my heart was about to ripped out of it. And also the feeling of relief and happiness to see you in my dreams, fighting so coolly. Ehem! B-but of course, I am cooler than you!”

Rhea smiled. Even though Kris didn’t know precisely about what he just said to her. It still made her so happy. Deep inside, she really would like to tell everything about his ‘dreams’ but she just let it slide and played along.

She just realised that even though he might be gone eventually, this kind of moment is what made it special to cherish it with him. No matter what it was.

“Oh~ you dreamt about me? That’s sweet of you, Kris~”

And there they enjoyed the present with the company of each other. Warm and memorable.



Keyblade, Heartless, and all things that are related to Kingdom Hearts doesn’t belong to me but Square Enix. All characters and events in this story, even those based on real people are fictional. This story is stupid but author cherishes this as fragments of her memories (the plot and the OCs mentione here are mine). Thank you!

*clears throat*



I almost wrote Ritzia instead but didn’t do it because Ritzia is like my persona and she is supposed to be on a different arc from this. But welcome Lilia to ‘The Destiny’, I didn’t plan to bring you to the world of my imagination, but my brain said that it would be nice if you appeared there as one of the beautiful heroines there with your keyblade, Aeolus.

It was formerly, Lux, meaning light. But I decided against it, after reminding myself that Ritzia’s keyblade also means light and yeah but I managed to come up with Ritzia’s keyblade description when writing this.

So, this story summed up my lovelife from the scratch. Kris (not a real name) is my first crush. And so on and so on (really doesn’t want to go on the details about it)

AAAAANNDDD I put one of my most favourite quotes from Kingdom Hearts. I actually planned to have it on Ritzia’s arc but again, I changed my mind after coming up with better plot for her.

There, in the slug, is the link to the video where I suddenly come up with the quotes. I really like the amv, it’s really good 🙂

It’s hard to come up with the enemy, so I had to look it up on Heartless’ Almanac (as if there was sth like that lol) hahahahahahaha

This took me almost 3 hours to write. The first part did really happen in my life. Until the jumping thingy (of course).

Thanks for reading! Ciao~


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