I’ve Been Having These Weird Thoughts

“Have you seen Sasha anywhere?” he asked, sweats drenching his white shirt, eyes gleaming with worry.

“No..” the girl answered, still surprised to see him panting like this and to hear that question coming out from him.

He then ran to a different direction from the one he came from, not bothering to say anything to the girl whom he had just asked to. The girl was still dumbfounded, but she couldn’t call out to his name. So she just looked at him leaving in hurry. Realisation hit her pretty late but she knew that it was alright not to bother with it anymore.

“I drove her home once.. we talked a lot at that time..” a boy reminisced while a smile growing on his fair face. His conversation partner mimicked his curve of smile, only wider than his with her mouth opening slightly.

“Wow..” she replied but she couldn’t do it enthusiastically like how she did usually. This matter was not a simple thing that could be cheered at easily. Since the guy in front of her now was Kris Johnstone, a crush of her long time ago.

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